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Ep. 17 [Aragon] Piecing Together the DAO Compensation Puzzle ~ Samantha Marin preview

Ep. 17 [Aragon] Piecing Together the DAO Compensation Puzzle ~ Samantha MarinThe Clique Podcast

Tune in to the episode with Samantha Marin, Communications & Growth for Aragon as we discuss the various pieces of the DAO compensation puzzle & the best way for communities to solve it as best they can. This discussion was inspired by her piece ‘Having the Hard Conversation: Building Better Compensation Frameworks’ with BanklessDAO (link given in the description below)

We talk about:

Her background working in startups & her red pill moment of seeking equity there eventually led to her discovering BanklessDAO

Her thoughts on how DAO compensation structures are deployed within communities

Impact of having collaborative decision-making on compensation allocation resulting in more transparency, however, the process is unfair too as the experience of the person is not counted along with constant popularity contests

How a lead should balance out core compensation for contributors - drawing the line between tools like Coordinape for collab comp allocation & a lead taking the call

Conflict Resolution ideas & implementing the right duration considering community bandwidth for collab compensation allocation, also figuring out the ‘which token to pay’ piece of the compensation puzzle

Reasons for the lack of ecosystem-wide transparency about DAO contributor compensation data & why it’s necessary

Having the tough discussion about compensation cuts during bear market dynamics & how to keep financial stability a focus in light of keeping things stable for contributors as well

Samantha also gets into the sort of DAOs (DAOHaus, Aragon) she looks up to as ideals for studying about compensation practices & some alpha about what to expect from her new metalabel Quorum.

Important Links

Samantha Marin - Website, Twitter

Article: https://banklessdao.substack.com/p/having-the-hard-conversation-building

Aragon - Twitter

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