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Making Frens in Web3 preview

Making Frens in Web3Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is TJ, or @GopherTJ in the verse. He is a NFT degen and full-time participant in Web3. We discuss:

TJ’s core principles when investing in an NFT project. Our personal founding story in The Block Party Discord https://twitter.com/CrayCreigh and https://twitter.com/blockpartylabs 

Talked about Real Estate as example for describing Web3 - https://twitter.com/PropyInc 

Unique Projects in Notorious Frogs https://twitter.com/Frogland_io 

Shout out to ShortsHoward https://twitter.com/ShortsHoward 

IRL bridge and non-profit in the NFT space - https://twitter.com/happygoatorg

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